At The Traditional Signs Company, we recreate the heritage and quality of historic signage with our bespoke service.

Whether you would like a sign for your home, a public space, a footpath, or for an event we can craft the perfect sign for you.

Manufactured by a small personal company in Cornwall, our traditional signs combine the benefits of modern day materials with the original visual impact, feel and texture of signage used in an age when aesthetics

were just as important as the information itself.

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Our Traditional Signs

Keeping with tradition in an ever modernising world is a balance of how, where and when. The Traditional Signs Company meet that challenge by supplying a product that has all the benefits of the latest technology, with the feel, character and charm that brings out the best of tradition. 

  • Our traditional signs are manufactured in GRP (resin and glass fibre). They have no scrap metal value.

  • They cannot rot or rust, therefore are perfect for exposed and outside environments. They require no painting of structure or letters.

  • Signs require minimum maintenance, just an occasional wash down and trim around the base to remove grass and brambles.

  • Traditional Signs are made of individual sections which can be replaced, changed, modified should the need arise.

  • The exterior finish is part of the moulding giving the feel of the original materials used eg. cast iron, wood, steel.

  • Traditional Signs have the facility to completely replicate an original sign.

Manufacturing Process

Manufactured from the very best in modern materials, the moulding procedures and finishing are designed to maintain the rustic original feel expected of traditional signs.

The size shape, wording and finish of your sign can be selected from  range of standard components or produced to your individual specification, including shape and colour. 

The majority of traditional signs are made up of three key components: the post sleeve, directional arms & the finial cap. 

Whilst traditional on the outside, inside the components are laminated to the highest specification and supported by a sturdy central pole that the various components attach too. Signs are manufactured to meet the wide range of demands that might be placed on them such as collision damage, vandalism, extreme weather conditions, replacement or additions. 

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Sign Erection

Subject to planning, (if required), Traditional Signs are simple and straight forward to erect using general purpose ground tools. 

Detailed support instructions on methods of sign erection are provided with each product.
We recommend the internal support tube should be held securely in the ground to a minimum depth of 1 meter.